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Do I Really Need Dock-to-Dock Shipping Services?

Dock-to-dock shipping gets your shipment to its destination on time with less hassle and worry. Our team is dependable and reliable, so that your freight arrives when it should and is handled professionally.

Dynamic Solutions has a fleet of trucks to handle shipments of any size and weight, plus all of our drivers are CDL licensed. We utilize a pre-determined schedule to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Top questions about dock-to-dock shipping

What is dock-to-dock shipping?

Dock-to-dock shipping refers to truck deliveries made by Dynamic Industrial Supply from our dock to yours. Our service is standard; our courier will move your shipment to the back of the truck, and will back up to your dock. Moving the shipment to its destination is not included.

For your convenience, Lift Gate Services and Inside Deliveries are available at an additional charge.

Your signature is required for all truck deliveries. If you miss your delivery and are unable to sign for your shipment, additional freight costs may be incurred for return shipments.

Due to liability, dock-to-dock services do not include unloading or moving your shipment from the back of our trucks. If you have special needs or require additional services, it's your responsibility to contact Dynamic Industrial Supply before the shipment is delivered.

How much does dock-to-dock shipping cost?

Dock to dock shipping cost depends on overall height, weight and class of shipment. Please contact us for a quote!

Will the courier unload my shipment?

No, your Dynamic courier will not unload your shipment; you are responsible for moving the shipment from the back of our truck into your warehouse or building.

Is a loading dock required on my end?

A loading dock or a forklift is required for all shipment deliveries. If you do not have either, or personnel to remove the items from our truck safely, your organization must request curbside/lift gate or inside delivery services.

Does Dynamic offer Lift Gate Service or Inside Delivery?

Yes, Lift Gate Service and Inside Delivery Service are offered at an additional charge.

If you request Lift Gate Service, our driver will lower the shipment from the back of the truck to ground level.

If Inside Delivery Service is requested, our driver will help your personnel move your shipment from the truck into your building or warehouse. Our driver will also assist you in moving the delivery to another floor if an elevator is available. If there are steps but no elevator, additional help will be required and is your responsibility. Please let us know ahead of time if this is the case!

Lift Gate and Inside Delivery Services do not include unpacking, setup, or debris removal. Those responsibilities must be handled by someone in your organization.

Are rush shipping services available?

Most products ship within 5 to 10 business days. If you require faster delivery, please contact Customer Service, and we will work with you to meet your shipping deadline.

Rush deliveries cannot be canceled or refused without incurring additional shipping charges.

What if there is a problem with my shipment?

We ask that you check all shipments immediately upon arrival, to ensure your shipment is sound. Please open and inspect all packages with your truck driver present so that she can note damage or missing items on the delivery receipt.

If you should find damage, etc. after your driver has left, it must be reported within 15 days of your delivery. Please keep all packaging materials so that we can inspect them. We will file a claim to report the damage, etc.

The dynamic approach to shipping

Remember, our approach revolves around YOU, not us. If you need assistance with your shipping, just let us know! We’re happy to work with you to find a solution that satisfies you!

Don’t become overwhelmed with the dock-to-dock delivery process. If you have more questions than we answered on this page, then just give us a quick call at (866) 466-7376!

You may also email us or fill out the consultation form below!

Our consultation includes answering questions and discovering the right solution for you. There is no charge associated with this consultation, and no commitment is required.

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